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Bear Crawl

The Bear Crawl is a bodyweight conditioning movement in which the athlete crawls on all fours while keeping hips above shoulders. The Bear Crawl builds strength in the shoulders, wrists, core, and hip flexors. The Bear Crawl is suitable for all fitness levels, which makes it an ideal movement to incorporate into a workout.

Set-Up: Begin with the hands and feet on the floor and the hips higher than the shoulders.

Execution: Crawl forward (or backwards if a Backwards Bear Crawl is prescribed). Keep the hips and shoulders square with one another. Keep the arms straight. As the athlete crawls forward, the knees should not come past the belly button. (To keep the knees from coming up past the belly button, athletes should travel with only a slight bend in the knee.)

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– The athlete reaches the required distance before coming up from the all-fours position.

Pro Tip: The Bear Crawl is a great skill transfer exercise for the Handstand Walk. Athletes can use the Bear Crawl to reach the requisite strength for this high-skill movement.

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Bear Crawl

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