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The SkiErg is an ergometer, just like the rower or the air bike, and it measures work output for a cross-country skiing type movement. Just like when you’re on an indoor rower or an air bike, the SkiErg has a Performance Monitor that shows you valuable information like your distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts. To increase fitness, it’s important to measure your output and then repeat the same test to determine change, and an ergometer (or erg for short) accurately measures whether or not you’re actually getting fitter.

Why SkiErg: The SkiErg brings the intensity of Nordic Skiing indoors, making it accessible for anyone to enjoy (or suffer) the challenge of this difficult sport. When you see a WOD that calls for a monostructural exercise (such as rowing, air bikingrunning, etc.) you can modify the workout and use a bicycle instead—you’ll get a very similar stimulus. It is also very low impact compared to running.

History: Nordic Skiing (often called Cross-Country Skiing) began in Norway, and was born out of the necessity to cross snow-covered terrain for hunting, gathering, and socializing. By the mid-1800’s, Nordic Skiing evolved into a sport, eventually becoming an Olympic event in 1924 (more).