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When it comes to functional fitness equipment, it doesn’t get much more basic than a sandbag. Sandbags are inexpensive and versatile and can even be used to replace common gym equipment in many workouts. Being inherently imbalanced, sandbags challenge your stability and coordination, making them ideal for building fitness.

Size and Durability: Sandbags (and their filler bags) come in lots of sizes, allowing athletes to go as light or as heavy as they want. A good sandbag should be made of tough material (like nylon) and have well-stitched seams—so it can take a beating.

Uses: You can use the sandbag as a piece of equipment (like you’d use a barbell or dumbbell). For instance, you can use a sandbag for movements like cleans, shoulder-to-overhead, and back squats. Or treat it like a weight vest (just throw it over your shoulder) to add intensity to any run.

Travel: Going on a beach vacation? The sandbag is the perfect piece of equipment to pack on your next tropical trip. It is extremely light when empty and can turn a lazy beach day into an intense minimal-equipment workout.

Fill up your sandbag and try out the tough WODs below to fire up those stabilizing muscles!