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The rope is a simple piece of gymnastics equipment, literally a rope hung from a ceiling or beam (not to be confused with the battle rope). It’s an effective tool for building pulling strength and core, most commonly through variants of the rope climb.

Do What Gymnasts Do: When it comes being bodyweight strong and fit, no athlete rivals the gymnast. Gymnasts perform all kinds of bodyweight movements, including rope climbs (in order of difficulty: with legs (standard), legless, in an L-sit, or in a straddle).

Standards: The style of rope used in CrossFit style WODs is a 1.5″ diameter “manila climbing rope.” Typical height is 15 feet from ground to the top touch point. Don’t have a 15-foot ceiling? Try starting your climb from a seated position instead of standing.

Rope Burn: When you hear the word rope, what comes to mind? Burn. And you will get burned if you slide on the rope. Protect your hands and lower legs when climbing rope.

Let’s do this! Pick from the benchmark rope WODs below and start climbing!