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Peg Board

The Peg Board is a low tech but serious tool for developing upper body strength! The peg board is durable, affordable, and low profile, making it an excellent addition to even the smallest of garage gyms.

Why the Peg Board: Constant variance in training is what keeps fitness both fun and effective, and a peg board is a great way to add some variety to your routine. And peg board ascents (and descents) significantly challenge the big and small pulling muscles of your upper body. You’ll work your lats, biceps, shoulders, and grip strength when using a peg board.

The Peg Board in the CrossFit Games: Back in 2015, the peg board showed up as an event in the CrossFit Games; and it proved to be a workout to remember. The struggle was real for these elite athletes—many of them couldn’t make one ascent. Since then peg boards saw an uptick in popularity in functional fitness gyms. Athletes loved the idea of adding such a difficult challenge to their training. And peg boards are a realistic addition, as opposed to, say, buying the worm from the 2015 Games.

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