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Host a WODwell Video


So you’re interested in hosting an upcoming WODwell video? With millions of views on YouTube we’ve got an audience for you – and we love visiting new boxes and meeting athletes around the world.

For now we’re visiting local boxes (San Francisco) and boxes in cities we visit by invitation only. But if you’re interested Contact us and we can answer any questions you have.

What You Get

For the host: A lifetime of free marketing. You get your facility, your brand and your athletes featured in two WOD videos published on our YouTube channel and this website, plus shared on all our social media channels – all with credit to you as the host – for the life of the videos. If you have a product to feature let us know and we might be able to give a mention in the intro.

For the athletes: A fun way to get in a great workout with a buddy while giving a little knowledge back to the CrossFit community around the world who watch our videos.

How a Shoot Goes

As the host you line up the 4 athletes, pick 2 named WODs (see below) and agree on a date when we can come to your box to film.

Athletes all show up the day of the shoot, prepared to workout and talk about the WOD on camera. Two head-to-head WODs plus interviews, back-to-back, takes about 2 hours total (more or less, depending on how long each WOD takes).

We film the first 2 athletes doing their WOD, then we interview them about it. We’ll repeat with the 2nd set of athletes. Here’s how it goes step-by-step:

  1. Everyone show up at the agreed time (usually open gym time on a weekend is best)
  2. Athletes start warming up while we film a couple shots of the gym
  3. 1st pair of athletes do their WOD on camera
  4. 1st pair of athletes get interviewed together on camera (~10 mins)
  5. Repeat #’s 3 & 4 for the 2nd pair of athletes

You Pick the WOD

Athletes can do any benchmark, hero or tribute WOD they like, as long as we haven’t filmed a video for it yet. Here’s a list WODs we haven’t filmed videos for yet.

You Pick the Athletes

You’ll want to pair athletes who are about the same fitness levels and who can have fun on camera (during the WOD and during their interviews). Male or female, doesn’t matter. We’ve had everyone from intermediate (1-2 years CrossFitting) to Regionals and Games athletes – and all levels in between. As important as fitness level is the athlete’s ability to explain their WOD strategy on camera.


Keep it classy (no bro reps). Tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people will watch each video over time, so in the interest of representing your brand or box well, it’s important that athletes have judges (each pair of athletes can judge each other). Judges count reps, ensure quality reps and call no-reps.

Why We Do This

We started making these videos in 2014 and it’s been a ton of fun visiting new boxes, meeting fellow fitness fanatics, and making WOD videos people like to watch. It’s been a blast racking up millions of views on YouTube and seeing all the videos give great visibility to the hosts, too.

What’s Next?

Contact us and we’ll get in touch to discuss and schedule.