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CrossFit 707



We first connected with CrossFit 707 on Instagram when one of their coaches and social media gurus, Justin O., commented on one of WODwell’s photos. Shortly after we invited them to participate in a couple WODwell videos and they accepted. The shoot went down on October 5, 2014, featuring four CrossFit 707 athletes taking on two WODs: Isabel and Wittman.

From the box: “CrossFit 707 started out with a small group of family and friends at a public park, and word quickly spread around town. Before we knew it, we were ordering more equipment, adding more classes, and getting a space to accommodate the masses! We strive to provide the best quality training through constantly varied, high intensity workouts that can be scaled and modified to meet anyone’s needs. We believe that anyone can do CrossFit, regardless of age, ability, fitness level, or any other factors. If you are willing to put in the effort, than you will get amazing results!”