Sponsorships & Advertising

Got something you want to share with our audience? If we like your product we bet our audience will, too. Want us to try it? Contact us here or just email hello@wodwell.com.

Functional Fitness Influencers

WODwell.com is one of the most popular CrossFit-related (aka: functional fitness) web apps, with 250K+ monthly users, 25K+ email subscribers and 3M+ views on YouTube.

Started on YouTube in 2014, WODwell was created by a couple of CrossFit fanatics who wanted to share our fitness journey. We ended up connecting with a global audience of athletes and trainers like us, so in 2015 we launched wodwell.com – which now reaches over 3 million users per year.

Takeover Sponsorship

You can reach our entire audience quickly. Takeover means you get 100% share of voice as the exclusive sponsor. You just pick the timeframe (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, etc.).

If your sponsorship duration is 1 month or more, you’ll also get special mentions in a video on our YouTube channel and in our monthly email newsletter. So, to re-cap:

  • All the display ad placements here on WODwell.com (2M+ impressions/month)
  • Special mention and product placement in our WOD videos (average ~20K views)
  • Exclusive ad in our monthly email newsletter (25K+ subscribers)
  • Promotion across our other social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Got another idea? We can get creative with you. Rates and other details can be provided upon request. Contact us here or email hello@wodwell.com.